Upcoming shows

Hey family,

We are hard at work in our practice space working on a new tune.  While that is happening we have news!  

We have two upcoming shows. The first is Saturday, September 16th at The Royal in Salt Lake City.  We will be playing with Star Crossed Loners.  We are friends with them and they are an awesome band with a great new EP.  Check it out at https://starcrossedloners.bandcamp.com/releases. The show is going to start late - at 11pm. But we promise it will be worth it!

The second show is at The Loading Dock on Wednesday, September 20th.  We will be performing with The Acoustic Fools and Kalli Therinae.  The Acoustic Fools are friends of ours.  In fact, it's our former Bassist's new band.  So brotherhood wins out!  Check out their music at https://soundcloud.com/the-acoustic-fools. We are excited to play with them again. It will be our first time seeing Kalli Therinae but we are thrilled to hear her! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKalliTherinae/

As always, thanks for the support.  Good stuff is coming!