It all started in 2014.  I, Jason, was writing music on my own when I decided to follow in the footsteps of giants and start posting my music online.  I invested in a DAW and some drum samples... and so started Dawnlit.

Since the first release on our bandcamp, a Dawnlit EP has been available every year since 2014. That is until now.  2017 will be the first year that Dawnlit has not released new music. As the founder of Dawnlit, this is a little saddening. I didn't have any expectations when I started writing music for this project and yet the music found me. I become a conduit. I started sitting down to practice more, listened to more diverse artists, and found time to write and record this music. 

In 2016, I followed an instinct to look for other musicians. I had a feeling that it was time to at least try to make Dawnlit a real band. So, musicians were found. Great musicians who challenged me and made me work at writing better and more realistic music. I felt up to the task. We even found time as a newly formed band to write and release our own EP entiitled Solstice. This presented a whole new challenge. We were producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering this release all by ourselves. We had to learn how to record as a band. And Solstice, flaws and all, was realized. I am immensely proud of that EP. I am humbled by Aaron, Sam, Nalu, and Wes for their work and diligence.

And then 2017 rolled around. We started getting gigs. We got better and tighter as a unit and band of brothers. And despite some line-up changes, we have only improved.

And as this year comes closer to an end, and I realize that even though a new Dawnlit EP is not going to happen, I couldn't be happier with where this band is heading. Talks of recording a full length LP are in the mix. Another self produced LP (my anxiety is growing with each passing day). We are getting more gigs. We are connecting with other instrumental bands in the area. There are even talks about getting merch and a music video. 

So, even though there is no new Dawnlit release this year (which still saddens me), I am happy. And I am proud to be a part of Dawnlit. I am thrilled to work with Aaron, Sam, Sammy, and Taylor. I am filled with bliss.

Upcoming shows

Hey family,

We are hard at work in our practice space working on a new tune.  While that is happening we have news!  

We have two upcoming shows. The first is Saturday, September 16th at The Royal in Salt Lake City.  We will be playing with Star Crossed Loners.  We are friends with them and they are an awesome band with a great new EP.  Check it out at The show is going to start late - at 11pm. But we promise it will be worth it!

The second show is at The Loading Dock on Wednesday, September 20th.  We will be performing with The Acoustic Fools and Kalli Therinae.  The Acoustic Fools are friends of ours.  In fact, it's our former Bassist's new band.  So brotherhood wins out!  Check out their music at We are excited to play with them again. It will be our first time seeing Kalli Therinae but we are thrilled to hear her!

As always, thanks for the support.  Good stuff is coming!



We're back!

Hey everyone, is back online, thanks to some serious online hacking. Sorry we weren't there for you in your Dawnlit needs. But we promise to be better and be more supportive from now on.

News! News! News!

Sadly, both Wes and Nalu had to leave the band. We all left on good terms. Nalu is focusing on another band and Wes is focusing on real life and furthering his education. We wish them nothing but the best and much success.

Because of this, please welcome Sam Hughes and Taylor Hintze!  Sam, or as we call him Sammy, is filling in the low end on bass while Taylor is shredding on guitar. They are both amazing musicians and writers. We are so pleased to have them be a part of the Dawnlit family.

We are trying to get gigs lined up while working on and writing new material. Keep checking in with us to get the latest!  

We love you all and appreciate your support and interest!